Illustration of a cassette tape.
CHF90 – Illustration
Logo of a frog made using one line.
Frog – Logo
Wordmark of the word nature with a leaf used as the letter a.
Natur – Logotype
2 screens from a mobile game concept, pocketblocks.
Pocketblocks – Game UI
Tree – Logo
Character of a angry pixel cat.
Mad Cat – Character Design
Gameboy™ – Illustration
Logo of 2 birds in a circle.
Birds – Logo (Available)
Small pixel cat sitting in a window.
Cat.png – Pixel Art
An illustration of the folding of a paper airplane
Paper Plane Instructions – Illustration
Me – Character Idea
Grid of 9 pixel characters.
Gridfiction – Character Design
An abstract logo of an eye between two edgy rectangles.
S + Eye – Logo
A pixel frog with a halo from the BURNIMAL NFT project.
Burnimals – Pixel Art
A character with a rainbow head standing next to a character with a could head.
Bo & Nimbus – Character Design
Logo of  small bird sitting on a branch.
Sparrow – Logo
Logo of a rabbit made using one line.
Rabbit – Logo (Available)
A poster of over 30 pixel everyday objects with faces.
Pocketblocks – Pixel Art
Logo of a feather that looks like a Q.
Quillo – Logo
Grid of 12 minimal animal avatars.
Animal Avatars – Character Design
Logo of a fingerprint with a tear drop in the center.
Waterway – Logo
The evolution of a cat shown starting as 1 pixel.
Cat Evolution – Pixel Art
4 screenes from the emotimug project.
Emotimug Club – Product & Brand
Logo of a chameleon.
Chameleon – Logo
5 pixel animals. A bird, squirrel, rabbit, dog, and lizard.
Animals – Pixel Art
Logo of the letter U made up of pixels.
Unemployables – Brand & Pixel Art
Loog of a frog with tear drops as the eyes.
Sad Frog – Logo
Wordmark of the word drop.
Drop – Logotype
A small pixel bird on the ground.
Bird – Pixel Art
A pixel cat sitting in a window.
Window Cat – Pixel Art
Logo of a spray paint can made out of pixels.
R3BELLABS – Logo & Brand
A logo of a sunset over a mountain.
Sunset – Logo (Available)
A character of a piece of bread.
Butter Behaviour – Character Design
Logo of a bird in a circle.
Bird – Personal Logo
Logo of a feather.
Friendwell – Brand & Logo
An iPad with a comic of balloons walking a balloon dog.
Monday – Web Comic
A logo of the letter N made using pixels.
N – Logo
A grid of 12 minimal nature avatars.
Moji – Character Designs
Logo of a pine tree.
Tree – Logo
A small pixel frog floating.
Sad Frog – Character Design
A pixel cat sitting next to a fishbowl.
Cat & Fish – Pixel Art
Logo of a volcano in a square.
Volcano – Logo (Available)
Illustrations of everyday objects.
Everyday Objects – Illustration
Logo of a elephant.
Elephant – Logo (Available)
a line-art logo of a snail
Snail – Logo